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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Preview: Mink & Stone

Well it's been a while since I've blogged about anything else but the business, but I've missed it, so I'm starting it up again! I'll just have to make sure I find the time :)

This week I've received some very lovely items, totally different to what I sell, I want to make sure there is no conflict of interest with anything! 

Here is my first... And in all honesty I think it's quite possibly my favourite thing I have ever received, in fact I don't think it is... I know it is! 

It's a gorgeous bracelet I designed myself and had custom made on the Mink & Stone website... and its just stunning. The quality is amazing and I love the detail on the beads.

Photo: Mink & Stone

As always, this is just a little preview, I'll pop it into an outfit post as soon as my photographer is free. So for now that's all I'll write as I don't want to repeat myself on the full outfit post.

But in the meantime why not pop over to the Mink & Stone website here and have fun designing your own I'm sure you'll get just as addicted as I was, and the prices are really reasonable. :)


P.S make sure you pop back to see what else I've received this week and how gorgeous this looks on.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Business Start Up – Update no.2, HELP!

My apologies for the delay in this post as you can imagine I’m snowed under. I also lost my way for a little bit but the last month I’ve been back on track… however obviously I’ve failed 100 Happy days… I will have another go at some point but right now as you can probably imagine my stress levels have reached an all new high.

I’m not on here to bitch and moan, but I did say from the beginning I’d be honest and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

You may know already I’ve launched my new site (YAY), if not go take a look here: http://fallenpretty.com

Here are a few samples of what I’m selling or have available for pre-order, I’d be so grateful if you check the rest out.

Okay… so anyway… I feel a bit like I’ve hit a new wall this week, and if any of you have tips and advise that would be highly appreciated to.  Basically as I said, I’ve launched the site, I’ve also ordered/bought new stock and I’ve included some of my own creations on the site… these two quirky little necklaces…

However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much I push and push I feel like I’m getting nowhere. I constantly promoting on twitter and facebook but it’s proving hard. Admittedly I need to get my act together with instagram and I’m going to start trialing pinterest. And I know it’s going to take a bit before I get returning customers etc, but I’m finding myself very stressed out. Yes I have interest and I’ve had some orders but all those people that said they would buy haven’t, even after I’ve got the bits they wanted in.

This I know is probably my first downfall… you shouldn’t buy it in because someone said they’d buy it, but I did know the items would sell anyway and I thought if a few trusted friends have agreed to buy bits already surely that would be bonus, clearly not. And in all honesty it’s left me feeling a bit betrayed. That along with the 5 of my friends that have dropped my page from facebook this week has really hit a nerve. I know it’s only 5 people, but I’m hitting a wall with the online promotions and well that’s just kind of put the nail in the coffin.

I did say I wasn’t going to moan so I will shut up about that now. It does appear I’m hitting my first hurdle though, I’m ordering from china and not only does it take a month for my stock to arrive but I’m not entirely sure on the sizing until it arrives, it’ll all be fine when it gets here and I can put together the size guide (fingers crossed) but I am getting a tad impatient waiting for it and appears so are some of my customers, so I’m not entirely sure if the Pre-Ordering system was a such a good idea… I guess it’ll be proved in time, however right now it is causing me a few issues.

My next hurdle is I’m not completely understanding google analytics but after finally admitting defeat to my partner who is an internet expert by next post I should have a bit more insight on this matter as he’s going to help me.

I’m trialing internet adverts, which in all honest seems a bit of a waste but perhaps I’m not picking the right keywords. But if you’d like to give it ago Bing are offering a FREE £50 coupon here.

Also I’m trying out facebook ads… only by boosting posts as this appears to be the cheapest way, although I’m getting a decent reach I have yet to see the rewards, that could be due to the fact I’ve only tried it twice or that I’m only paying the bare minimum.

All in all I’m on a low at the moment, and I’ve set up and appointment with my princes’ trust advisor because I feel like I’m needing a bit of advise, luckily there are always there. This is definitely one bit of my adventure I can definitely recommend. Princes’ Trust are amazing, definitely use them!!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you for now. I need to relax… preferably with a massive glass of red but like my mood the cupboard seems to look depressing on that front :(


P.S Starting a business is hard, it may seem harder to me because of my health issues, so please don’t let this post put you off.