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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Business Start Up - Update No1

Hi everyone,

So if you’ve all read my last post you’ll know I’ve started a new little adventure and I promised to keep you up to date, so here’s your first update!

For those of you that aren’t aware I’m starting up my own online clothing company and I can now reveal the name… Fallen Pretty. Here’s the logo and header. Please let me know what you think :) it would be good to get feedback.



Business card

Domains have been bought and social media accounts have been made please check out the links below, like/follow and sign up to my newsletter, it would be greatly appreciated.

Instagram: @FallenPretty
Twitter: @FallenPretty
Facebook: FallenPretty

In the next day I am due to start my test trading on ebay, and the second the items have finished indexing you’ll see the links to buy my beautiful new clothes on everything!

I’m getting very excited now, I feel like its all coming together, however I am feeling very nervous and anxious to. It’s scary starting out on your own, but so far I do feel like the 100 happy days challenge is helping :)

Here is my first week…

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The other thing that is helping to keep me on track is my lovely Prince's Trust mentor, I would definitely recommend them, they can teach you so much, they are the friendliest bunch of people and they can help with anything and everything. Not only that but the friends you meet along the way are brilliant and it’s nice to be able to chat to people in the same boat as you.

I’m off to the wonderful We Blog MCR meet on Wednesday, so my next update will come shortly after that. I am going as myself rather than the business but hopefully I’ll get the chance to promote that as well…

Speak soon and please leave you feedback I’d really love to hear it.

Don’t forget to follow my new company as well hehe.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Fresh Start

I’ve decided its time for a new challenge… and just to make things a little bit harder I thought why not try two at once, something I’m sure I’ll regret later, however one is pretty small really.

The first one is to create a new business! And the second… well that’s not so exciting, I’m going to participate in the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

I’ve decided my life isn't heading in the right direction and its time to sort it out. I’m fed up of restrictions, fed up of having to answer to other people, and being dictated to or put down. It’s time to stand on my own two feet and get back on track with what I spent £24,000 on getting a bachelors degree for!

My boyfriend of 8 years left university a year after me and is currently running two thriving businesses and I’m stuck on not much more than minimum wage not being able to fully be myself and explore my creativity in the way I want to and it’s time that changes.

I’ve struggled with depression and an anxiety disorder for the best part of 10 years for reasons I’m not going to go into, to be honest with you my life feels like it is constantly on a downward spiral but I’ve recently realised that’s not going to change unless I take charge of my life, now I know that setting up my own business is going to be difficult, and I will definitely struggle staying motivated, and I’m bound to get myself in a panic more often then not but that’s where 100 Happy Days comes in…

Now this may sound stupid, but I was hoping that by finding something that makes me smile each day, might help keep my spirits up and maybe even teach me a few things about myself. You’re probably now thinking if you have depression you can’t be happy for a 100 days… well you’d be right… however I’m not looking at it that way, if I look at it that way, then it becomes impossible, so I’m looking at it from the view that if I can just find one thing to smile about each day it will hopefully give me something to focus on. But I’ll guess we’ll see wont we…

Oh yeah… I haven’t even told you my business idea yet… well I working with the amazing Prince’s Trust to set up my own online clothing company, its going to be along the same lines as Boohoo, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing etc, just smaller… A LOT smaller haha.

I’ll be launching it as I do the 100 Happy Days project as I’m hoping one might help spur the other on in someway… it’s stupid I know but I can hope can’t I?

So yeah I’ve quit my job at the old place, had some much needed time out and got my head together and now… well now it’s time to start the new adventure, chances are I’m going to fall flat on my face but hey I guess sometimes we have to do things that scare us a bit to get to where we want to be, you don’t get anywhere in life from playing it safe, and if I do manage to make a go of it with all my issues then it means any of you guys can :)

So wish me luck… and watch this space for updates… if I don’t have the time to do a blog post, I’ll pop more updates on twitter and instagram. And well obviously a 100 happy days is going to be on there!


P.S. Apologies for the essay, but hopefully my little journey may make some of the other sufferers out there realise they're not alone, and we can do things! Even it it fails, at least we can say we tried. x